The long miter saw glides back and forth through a rigid saw frame. If you’re looking to complete more complex tasks, you can consider adding power tools and specialized tools to your list of essentials. While a full toolbox is essential for construction businesses, companies in any industry should always be prepared with a basic list of workplace hand tools. We offer auto repair tools such as brake system tools, torque wrenches, mirrors and retrieving tools, spark plug sockets, thread repair tools, crimping tools, and measuring and precision tools. We’re committed to providing workplace solutions, and that means we’re dedicated to providing one stop shopping.

Traditional woodworkers rarely take measurements with a tape measure when doing fine joinery work, but rather take a measurement with dividers then transfer that arbitrary measurement to another work piece. A sliding bevel square (or “bevel gauge”) is used for scribing angles on your workpiece. Once set, a good sliding bevel square should be able to repeat that angle over and over again, like when you are laying out dovetails on a board face. The head of a claw hammer allows you to drive nails for building, hanging wall decorations or assembling office furniture. Meanwhile, the claw end can be used to remove nails and open crates.

  • I would recommend finding a low angle block plane, because the low angle lets you cut difficult grain more easily.
  • Whether you’re looking for hand tools or power tools, Ace has what you need to keep your home in top shape.
  • Apart from tools, you must also have a pair of Safety Glasses and a First-Aid Box handy.
  • The screwdriver is made of blades with various widths and lengths suited for special purposes.
  • A hand tool is any tool that is powered by hand rather than a motor.
  • The first protects your eyes and the second helps you to bandage your bloody thumb.

The handle can be made of high quality plastic to get a good grip. Marking knives can get very expensive, but fortunately I found a very affordable knife ($15) that works perfectly. Check my marking & measuring buying guide to see what to look for when buying a marking knife. Most try squares that I’ve found are actually not a perfect 90 degrees, or “square”. My marking & measuring buying guide explains how to check a square and also how to fix one that is “out of square”. Offices, mobile businesses and even people who work from home may have to complete basic maintenance or repairs.

I would recommend finding a low angle block plane, because the low angle lets you cut difficult grain more easily. My handplane buying guide goes into more detail about the features and brands that you should look for when purchasing a good quality block plane. While a tape measure might not be the first tool to come to mind when making a list of, it’s one of the most commonly used items.

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When you’re ready, you can follow the yellow buttons to visit each of the buying guides for each type of hand tool, to get help with understanding hand tool features, brands, & models. At the bottom of this page is a handy full list of tools that is sorted by “urgent”, “semi-urgent”, and “not-urgent” to buy. Get the job done with these essential for any kit.

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Woodworking clamps hold your freshly glued up joints together until the glue hardens. To start off with I would recommend buying at least one quality “hand screw clamp” and a few bar-type or parallel clamps. A marking knife is used for marking where you will be cutting with your saws and chisels. For getting into tight spots and making very accurate lines you need just the right marking knife. You would think that any old knife would work, but you would be wrong. Dividers are used for taking and repeating a measurement over and over again on a work piece.

Woodworking Hand Tools,-cast-jaw-bar-clamps make up a large portion of the equipment we carry every day. Pro Tool reviews pays close attention to recent innovations. Our hand tool reviews include knives & cutting tools, wrenches, chisels, fastening tools, hammers, and more. These hand tools covers the gamut from one end of the industry to another.

Whether you’re fixing things around the house or working on your car, having the right tool for the job is critical for the success of the repair. Professional tradesmen and technicians, who make their living with, know this, which is why they always insist on the best. The hand tools we’ve gathered on our digital shelves will appeal to pros and DIYers alike because we only offer the highest quality tools from the most reputable brands and we have an unbeatable selection.

Whether you’re a professional contractor, mechanic, plumber, or a weekend warrior with a DIY project on your hands, you can find pro-level hand tools from the most trusted brands in Zoro’s wide assortment. Shop hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, fasteners, tool storage solutions, and much more. Although most hand tools are for general purposes, sometimes you need a tool that’s made especially for the job.

I’ve used some decent affordable plastic handle bench chisels, but highly prefer lighter wooden handle chisels with excellent steel. However, I would recommend that you either build a wooden workbench, or purchase one if you feel a workbench build is too advanced for you right now. However, I created the DVD “Building the Portable Moravian Workbench with Will Myers” so that even beginners can build a solid, portable, and very affordable workbench that will fit almost anywhere, using mostly or only You can find Will’s free workbench plans for the Moravian Workbench here. Whichever path you choose, make sure you choose to either build or buy a heavy & sturdy wooden workbench, with at least a 3″ solid top, strong supportive base legs, and at least one strong vise.