Step by step instructions will guide you through the entire process. It’s all here, from cutting out the blank to the final steps for getting the ornament ready to hang. Draw ribbon lines on the present, and then use your 5mm V-tool to carve along the ribbon lines and to define them.

  • The Door Topper Santa is a two piece pattern, ready to print and carve out of 3/4″ basswood.
  • Try to create open “$” texture cuts with the V-tool, which makes the carving more dynamic.
  • Then try our Santa Claus 3-D package, containing nine unique Santas to carve and a full size Door Topper Santa design.
  • He also goes through the method he uses to paint and antique his figures.
  • 21.Carefully place a stop cut alongside the inside of Santa’s right sleeve and alongside the beard where it intersects with the sleeve.

I painted this piece with acrylic paints thinned with water to the consistency of milk. When the paint is dry, seal the carving with a coat of Deft semi-gloss spray lacquer. Spray combustible finishes, such as spray lacquer, outside where there is plenty of ventilation. Frankenmuth Clock Company sells more than just authentic German clocks.

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For this project, I used a 4″ x 5-1/2″ x 12″ block of basswood . Like many of you, I have always loved Santa and the spirit of good cheer that he represents. I share this Santa with you in the hope that this project rekindles the spirit of Christmas and holiday goodwill in each of you. He is about to deliver the large present on which he is standing.

carving santa

The darkened areas on the project indicate excess wood that needs to be carved away. For the most part, I carved this project using large two-handed tools for the roughing work and palm tools for the details. You can use tools that you have available, but most of the time I will indicate the tools that I used for the given step. I held this Santa in a vise, which allowed me to use both hands to control the tools. Bob Kozakiewicz lives in Ridgewood, N.J., with Pat, his wife of 41 years.

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Each Lora S. Irish 3-D pattern includes all four views plus a detailed drawing of the pattern to guide your carving. The Door Topper Santa is a two piece pattern, ready to print and carve out of 3/4″ basswood. Where possible, carve from the bottom of the robe up the figure to the beard.

carving santa

We also sell a large selection of clock parts, repair books, and have a full team of clock repair technicians at your service. We carry a wide variety of other authentic German items including smokers, nutcrackers, handcrafted ornaments, and other German souvenirs to commemorate your visit to Frankenmuth, Michigan’s “Little Bavaria”. The Lake of the Ozarks Woodcarvers Club sponsored a Santa carving class in December which was taught by club member Loren Woodard of Sunrise Beach. The class was held at The Community of Christ Church at 42 Sunset Drive in Camdenton. Loren has been teaching all over the country and is an artist of the Juried Missouri Hands. There are three layers of cut wood representing the streets, land and water.

Be sure that you remove enough wood from below the beard to have a thickness of mass to shape later. Use an 8mm V-tool to outline the upper right arm and the lower right arm/ sleeve area. Repeat this step a few times with the V-tool to establish a good stop cut and further define the arm and sleeve. Continue to use this V-tool to begin to separate Santa from the present that he is standing on. Use the V-tool to establish an outline separating the hat from the trim and the pom-pom on the back of the hat. Also outline Santa’s beard, and the hairline on the sides of his face as well as over his shoulders.