How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

There are numerous different products available on the market which claim to [intlink id=”3633″ type=”post”]burn fat fast[/intlink], without any effort. Nevertheless, no fad diet or a miracle pill will make you shed pounds doing absolutely nothing. The best way to lose a few pounds is actually a combination of exercise and a balanced dietary plan.

Exercises for Rapid Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast and SafelyIndividuals who don’t exercise regularly, have a chronic medical condition or just plan on losing a lot of weight are advised to consult with a doctor, healthcare professional or a licensed trainer. They will make sure you are ready to start working out, devise a workout and dietary plan best suited for you and will provide you with all the necessary information you might need. Cardio is excellent for rapid weight loss, as it burns a large amount of calories. But doing cardio alone will burn muscle mass along with fat. This is why it should be coupled with at least a couple of hours of strength training a week. Once you get used to cardio and strength training, you can give interval training a try. Interval training includes short high-intensity exercise, followed by a brief resting period. This training allows you to work out harder, while spending less time actually doing the exercises.

Diets for Rapid Weight Loss

You can easily lose around 1-2 pounds a week, simply by burning 500 more calories than you normally consume every day. For example, an individual who intakes between 1050 and 1200 calories per day can lose between 3-5 pounds during the first week alone, with just one hour of exercise a day.

How to Lose Weight Fast and SafelyA diet low in added sugars, animal fat and starches is recommended. For the best results, concentrate more on fruits, vegetables, egg whites, lean read meat, skinless chicken, turkey breasts, fish and shellfish. Make sure not to skip any meals and drink plenty of water. Try to avoid eating out of boredom, or in front of a TV set, studies have shown that people have a hard time noticing when they are full due to watching TV while eating. Avoid crash diets and fad diets at all costs. Most of them claim certain food groups are bad for the body and simply eliminate them completely. They deprive the body of nutrients, which makes exercising harder and more strenuous than it usually is and the majority of people end up going right back where they started. If you are unsure on how to implement a healthy diet into your everyday life, try consulting with a nutritionist. They can design a weekly plan based on your dietary preferences and exercise routine.

The most important step is to be persistent and not to give up. This is a practice that should be repeated over time, for months, or even years. Work hard on your body and be patient, it will all be worth it eventually, and when it does you will be blown away by the results.