Raspberry Ketones vs. Green Coffee Beans

Numerous research studies have shown that [intlink id=”3551″ type=”post”]raspberry ketones[/intlink] can have a beneficial effect when it comes to losing weight. This effect comes from their amazing ability to increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body. Individuals who are overweight and have unhealthy diets have a tendency to have a slower rate of metabolic processes. Individuals with a more active lifestyle tend to have a faster metabolism. That being said, there are those who naturally have a very fast metabolism and don’t gain weight even when they overeat. If you are trying to shed a few pounds, one of the best ways to do that is to improve the rate of metabolic processes in your body.

Metabolism and Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones vs Green Coffee BeansWeight loss is not a simple task. A great number of individuals have spent years trying to find a system that will help them lose pounds. Unfortunately, only some seem to have come across a plan that actually works. This is one of the reasons why people seem to lose motivation, with some of them not even trying to lose weight at all. This is where raspberry ketones come in. These chemical compounds, which give red raspberries that distinct smell, can also help raise the rate of the body’s metabolism. With a high metabolic rate, the fat is being converted into energy, instead of being deposited into your body. Besides elevating the metabolic rate, raspberry ketones promote the development of lean muscle mass, making them ideal for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

Which One is Better: Green Coffee Beans or Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones vs Green Coffee BeansGreen Coffee beans are essentially regular coffee beans which haven’t been roasted. When roasted, coffee beans lose a percentage of chlorogenic acid, a compound with numerous health benefits for the heart muscle and weight loss. Green coffee beans are also very efficient in lowering blood pressure due to the effect chlorogenic acid has on blood vessels. This compound is useful in managing diabetes and is known to promote rapid fat burning, even without rigorous exercises or a specialized dietary plan. Just like green coffee beans, raspberry ketones burn fat very rapidly, without the need for exercise and dieting. It elevates the rate of the body’s metabolism, which results in rapid fat burning. It also helps treat the problems of hair loss, making it ideal for people who suffer from hair loss or balding. Both green coffee beans and raspberry ketones extracts are fairly safe, but make sure to check with your physician or healthcare professional before adding them to your daily dietary regime. Have in mind that there are numerous manufacturers and many variations of these products, meaning that not all of them will be 100% efficient.

That being said, the use of raspberry ketones has been linked to an increase in body temperature and heart rate, mostly due to the effects raspberry ketones have on norepinephrine. There are no adverse effects linked to green coffee beans, but they do contain caffeine, which can also lead to an increase in one’s heart rate, as well as nausea, upset stomach, restlessness and even insomnia.