Herbs for Weight Loss

Herbs for Weight Loss

We live in a fast paced society that is filled with work commitments and other obligations. People have less and less time to dedicate to exercise and proper dieting, which result in a few more pounds. Although a change in our dietary habits and regular exercises are the [intlink id=”3670″ type=”post”]best way to lose weight fast[/intlink], there are numerous herbs which are known to promote fat burning by increasing one’s overall energy levels, speeding up the metabolism, decreasing the appetite and promoting leaner muscle mass. Here are some supplements that you can try to promote weight loss.

Caralluma Fimbriata

How to Lose Weight Fast and SafelyCaralluma is what is known as a succulent plant, naturally found in India. By tradition, Indian tribes used this plant during long hunts to keep them from being hungry. Today, we use extracts taken from this plant to support weight loss by suppressing the appetite, increasing endurance and even quenching thirst.

Cha de Bugre

This is a plant native to Brazil. Its produces red fruits that look similar to a coffee bean and are used in a similar fashion. The fruits are roasted and brewed, making a tea which is often used as a substitute for coffee. It is not only used as an excellent weight loss aid, but also for improving blood circulation and heart function. People report feeling full even after eating the smallest amount of this fruit and their overall metabolism levels stay constant throughout the day, which makes weight loss a lot easier.

Coleus forskohlii

This plant is the only source of a chemical forskolin, which has been used since ancient times to treat chest pain and high blood pressure. Furthermore, forskolin promotes a biochemical reaction which allows for fat to be used as an energy source and even promotes the hormones responsible for maintaining lean muscle mass. This is important, as muscle cells are easier to break down than fat cells. This leads to the burning of fat instead of muscle mass, which supports weight loss and promotes an increase in muscle mass.

Herbs for Weight LossGreen Tea Extract (GTE)

Research conducted by the University of Geneva has shown that green tea extract increases the oxidation of fat cells and improves metabolism. This helps the body produce more energy by burning fat instead of muscle mass. Moreover, chemicals found in this extract are known to inhibit the production of an enzyme called amylase, which limits the amount of sugar being absorbed in the bloodstream.

Fennel Seed

Fennel is an herb native to the Mediterranean, whose seeds have been used throughout history for digestive problems including bloating, intestinal gas, heartburn and in some cases, loss of appetite. During the Renaissance, individuals used the seeds to suppress their appetites during long fasting periods. It removes the mucus and fat cells from the digestive tract, which stimulates the metabolic process and promotes weight loss.

All of these herbs are excellent tools for weight management but keep in mind that they should be used as an added supplement to a proper dietary plan and regular exercising.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

There are numerous different products available on the market which claim to [intlink id=”3633″ type=”post”]burn fat fast[/intlink], without any effort. Nevertheless, no fad diet or a miracle pill will make you shed pounds doing absolutely nothing. The best way to lose a few pounds is actually a combination of exercise and a balanced dietary plan.

Exercises for Rapid Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast and SafelyIndividuals who don’t exercise regularly, have a chronic medical condition or just plan on losing a lot of weight are advised to consult with a doctor, healthcare professional or a licensed trainer. They will make sure you are ready to start working out, devise a workout and dietary plan best suited for you and will provide you with all the necessary information you might need. Cardio is excellent for rapid weight loss, as it burns a large amount of calories. But doing cardio alone will burn muscle mass along with fat. This is why it should be coupled with at least a couple of hours of strength training a week. Once you get used to cardio and strength training, you can give interval training a try. Interval training includes short high-intensity exercise, followed by a brief resting period. This training allows you to work out harder, while spending less time actually doing the exercises.

Diets for Rapid Weight Loss

You can easily lose around 1-2 pounds a week, simply by burning 500 more calories than you normally consume every day. For example, an individual who intakes between 1050 and 1200 calories per day can lose between 3-5 pounds during the first week alone, with just one hour of exercise a day.

How to Lose Weight Fast and SafelyA diet low in added sugars, animal fat and starches is recommended. For the best results, concentrate more on fruits, vegetables, egg whites, lean read meat, skinless chicken, turkey breasts, fish and shellfish. Make sure not to skip any meals and drink plenty of water. Try to avoid eating out of boredom, or in front of a TV set, studies have shown that people have a hard time noticing when they are full due to watching TV while eating. Avoid crash diets and fad diets at all costs. Most of them claim certain food groups are bad for the body and simply eliminate them completely. They deprive the body of nutrients, which makes exercising harder and more strenuous than it usually is and the majority of people end up going right back where they started. If you are unsure on how to implement a healthy diet into your everyday life, try consulting with a nutritionist. They can design a weekly plan based on your dietary preferences and exercise routine.

The most important step is to be persistent and not to give up. This is a practice that should be repeated over time, for months, or even years. Work hard on your body and be patient, it will all be worth it eventually, and when it does you will be blown away by the results.

Natural vs Pharmaceutical

Natural vs Pharmaceutical

Herbal supplements, minerals and vitamins are considered to be safe by a majority of people. According to a survey done by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, up to 68% of US adults take dietary alien edibles supplements, with 84% of them expressing overwhelming confidence in the efficiency, quality and their overall safety. Nevertheless, they are being considered potentially dangerous by the US Food and Drug Administration. But are they really dangerous?

Natural vs PharmaceuticalAccording to the data collected by the Alliance for Natural Health International, an international group based in the UK, the adverse effects of prescription medication have a significantly greater chance (62,000 times to be precise) to cause death than supplements do. Prescription medication causes as much as 125,000 deaths a year, even if taken as prescribed by a physician. The most lethal categories of prescription drugs include:

  • Analgesics
  • Antipsychotics
  • Antidepressants
  • Hypnotics
  • Sedatives
  • Opioids
  • Cardiovascular drugs
  • Acetaminophen combinations

It is very important for people to comprehend the simple fact that no prescription drug comes without the risk of potential side effects. Individuals do not assume these drugs can kill them, yet this happens more often than one might think. This is why a great number of people have opted for healthier and natural alternatives. The alternatives include:

   1. Proper dietary planNatural vs Pharmaceutical

Health can also be managed with a proper dietary plan using unprocessed food. This includes fruits, vegetables, meat, raw dairy products and nuts. Almost all of these can be purchased from a local organic farm. Meat and poultry must be obtained from organically-raised, grass-fed animals. For the best nutritional benefits, a good serving of the food you eat should be raw.

   2. Complete workout routine

Many individuals focus on a proper diet and forget that it is just a part of the equation for health. Regular exercise is very important, as it keeps the blood flowing evenly through the body and utilizes burning fat instead of burning muscle, which makes you both look and feel healthier. Strength and core-strength exercises are important, but they provide partial results when they’re not coupled with stretching and high-intensity cardio training. Be careful not to focus only on one type of workout.

   3. Stress relief

Stress is a normal physical and psychological reaction to the never-ending demands of life. The emotional state of an individual plays a part in almost every disease, ranging from depression to heart disease and cancer. Having a reliable coping mechanism such as meditation, playing sports or reading a book is essential for staying healthy in the long run.

   4. Sun exposureNatural vs Pharmaceutical

Being exposed to the sun on a daily basis increases the production of Vitamin D, which is vital for maintaining proper bone structure and the regulation of mineral calcium and phosphorus. Just 6 days of exposure to sunlight can make up for 49 days of no sunlight exposure at all.

   5. Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for the body, as they lower the levels of fat in the blood. High levels of fat in the blood pose a risk of developing heart disease. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids include fish such as salmon, sardines, anchovies, lake trout and tuna.

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Raspberry Ketones vs Acai Berries

Raspberry Ketones vs Acai Berries

If you are trying to shed a few pounds, it is best you do not use products that contain artificial binders, fillers, coloring or other chemicals. Today’s medication often contains toxins which can only be removed with a detox or cleanse. Is there an alternative way to lose weight safely? Acai berries and raspberry ketones are two alternative products that are not only safe to use, but also very efficient in speeding up the metabolism and burning fat instead of depositing it in the body.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones vs Acai BerriesRaspberry ketone is a chemical found in red raspberries. It is mostly used as a flavoring agent or fragrance in the food and cosmetics industries to give products that famous raspberry scent. It is also used as an effective weight loss supplement, due to its properties in helping the body burn fat instead of storing it. Besides being extremely good at burning fat, raspberry ketone also tastes and smells amazing.

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Acai Berries

Acai berries are a type of inch-long purple fruit, native to Central and South America. They are abundant with antioxidants, which protect the body from harmful molecules called free radicals. It contains more antioxidants than blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries. Some studies claim acai berries can help reduce bloating caused by water retention. This means that eating them could lead to a slimmer body, and with some light dieting and exercising make you lose weight with ease.

Raspberry Ketones vs Acai BerriesAcai Berry Tips and Tricks

Although acai berries have numerous benefits associated with their use, you have to be careful because not all acai products are actually beneficial. Some juices made from acai berries contain a lot of fructose-rich corn syrup, which can lead to an adverse effect, making you gain weight.

Furthermore, some of the juices contain artificial ingredients and sweeteners such as aspartame. Some acai berry tablets and powders contain little to no acai berry extract.

Make sure to check the label and purchase only from trustworthy manufacturers who stand behind their products with a customer’s guarantee.

Raspberry Ketones Tips and Tricks

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended to start incorporating raspberry ketones into our everyday diets. It is very efficient in burning stored fat and improving the rates of metabolic processes. People are less likely to develop heart disease and suffer from strokes. [intlink id=”3642″ type=”post”]Raspberry ketones[/intlink] are also rich with antioxidants, which help improve memory and promote a healthy heart by preventing a chemical reaction that produces free radicals, harmful molecules that may damage the cells.


There are always those who do not have the time or energy, or simply do not want to change their everyday diets and start exercising. That is understandable, and although raspberry ketones and acai berries can both do wonders for your overall health and the look of your body, it’s recommended to incorporate more fish, fruits and vegetables into your diet and do some moderate exercise. Even walking for a couple of minutes at a time can make a big change.

Raspberry Ketone Diet

The Raspberry Ketone Diet: Everything You Need To Know

Since it was featured on Dr. Oz in 2012, the trend of using raspberry ketone in diets has risen like never before. It’s been hailed not only in the UK but also around the world as a revolutionary way to naturally burn stubborn fat with little or no exercise. Although raspberry ketones provide a safe and easy way to shed a few pounds, you need to know that there are some factors which govern these diets and may actually cause quite an adverse effect than what you may expect.

Facts about the Raspberry Ketone Diet

The Raspberry Ketone Diet: Everything You Need To KnowEven though a number of different doctors, physicians and health care professionals, including Dr. Oz have promoted diets containing raspberry ketones, it is important for you to comprehend one very vital fact, and that is that not all supplements containing raspberry ketones are the same!

Dr. Oz has stated that [intlink id=”3564″ type=”post”]raspberry ketone diets[/intlink] can be one of the best ways to lose weight, but he never advocated one specific brand of ketones. However, he did point out that every [intlink id=”3642″ type=”post”]raspberry ketone[/intlink] supplement should follow certain guidelines as there are many factors which affect the quality of said products. These include:

Quality: Just like with all similar products, manufacturers may claim that their products works and advertise this claim left and right, but this does not mean that the product actually contains the top quality ingredients necessary to produce the desired effects. One of the best sources of information concerning raspberry ketone diets in the UK is Raspberry Ketone Reviews. This website contains information on all the known brands, customer reviews and even some tips and pointers for those who are new to these diets.

The Raspberry Ketone Diet: Everything You Need To KnowBrand: There are many different brands of supplements containing raspberry ketones. They vary in potency and quality of ingredients and extracts. Researching these brands is very important, as you need to choose a brand that is backed by clinical research, positive reviews and the manufacturer’s guarantee. Be careful with products lacking these qualities and make sure to avoid them completely, because you never know what you are getting yourself into.

Dose: The most important factor when choosing which raspberry ketone supplement to purchase is its dose. This is because there are numerous manufacturers offering products which contain completely different doses. A proper ketone supplements should provide you with 1500mg of this active ingredient daily. This amount can be split up into two or three doses throughout the day and the preferred amount should be 750mg in the morning, with breakfast and 750mg in the evening, before going to bed.

Ingredients: You need to be certain that the product you are purchasing contains extract from real red raspberries and that the other ingredients used are completely natural. Some manufacturers use artificial ingredients such as sweeteners, coloring and fillers. Make sure to avoid these kind of products, as they can lead to adverse effects.

Raspberry ketone diets have become a fast growing trend, due to their remarkable ability to burn stubborn fat without a drastic change in diet and rigorous exercise. But there some precautions you need to take before adding supplements to your everyday dietary plan. Research the products and find those with the best feedback and a complete guarantee from the manufacturer.